“For the Lord gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding”

(Proverbs 2:16 NASB)

This verse caught my eye in the beginning of the school year, and immediately
brought to mind statistics that about ten percent of students lose their
faith during their school years. Unfortunately, public education is full of
atheistic beliefs that are introduced in almost every subject; making them
impossible to avoid. For those already strong in the faith before this massive
bombardment of liberal ideas, school can just be extra motivation to be
stronger, but for those who were already hesitating, it can be fatal.

The main point of godless teachers often comes down to that the Bible has
already “expired” as the source of knowledge, and can’t satisfy the growing
demand for explanations in the modern world. Even more, everything
associated with faith, they interpret as old-fashioned and impractical
knowledge. By this misrepresentation, students are often forced to the
atheistic side, as the “smartest”. They learn to trample faith with sarcastic
expressions and misinterpreted facts. They would like to reject the Word of
God, that has been proven again and again throughout the ages to give even
little educated people wisdom to make the greatest decisions of their lives,
and has been the foundation for culture, morality and progress in most of the
developed countries of the world.

The Bible, however, says, that the “Lord gives wisdom” and “from His mouth
comes knowledge”. God is Truth, and that knowledge, that points to God,
is true knowledge. You don’t learn chemical equations or physical laws from
the Bible, but you learn much more. You learn how to apply this knowledge
and about the wonderful design of the Creator. This knowledge can prevent
you from getting lost in life and keep in the right direction every single day.
I believe that God-focused education would help avoid ironic situations, for
example, when society can control nuclear power, but is powerless against
flashes of violent aggression, or is able to develop the genetic modification
industry, but can’t motivate humans to stay alive. I would like to encourage
every student to keep your focus on God, and don’t neglect the most
important truth, to constantly read the Bible and observe God in all of your

Vitalii Niemiets