I S A I A H   6 : 8

“THEN I HEARD THE VOICE OF THE LORD SAYING, “WHOM SHALL I SEND? AND WHO WILL GO FOR US?” AND I SAID, “HERE I AM. SEND ME!”Who has the boldness, the courage, even the devotion to be able to say, “Here I am, send me”. We can become so invested in our lives that it can be difficult to give up the smallest thing for the Lord. If we are not willing to give or to go, who can He ever use us?

Our answer will always be no, it will be that we do not have enough time; it will be that we need this more than He does.

If we hold back the money that God provides us with; If we dare not spend a moment of our time with Him, time that He has made and gave us; the resources that He has blessed us with we hold onto greedily not able to share with the world, we will then never be able to say, “send me.”

It starts with little things. God tests our faithfulness so see if we are willing to give up. He tested Abraham with the most precious and dearest thing to his heart, his only son. Abraham did not just justify His faith with mere words of devotion; He proved it in His actions by giving up Isaac. 

Let us look at our lives right now, when you hear God’s voice, do you ignore it or obey it? When He calls you to action, do you pretend it was meant for someone else?

We say we want to be used by God, but when it comes down to it, are we able to wholeheartedly say, Here I am, here is my whole life, here are my resources; send me and use me.

Y O U T H   M E M B E R