MATTHEW 13: 16

For many of us we born into Christian families and grew up with
Christian morals where Christ was always the center. Our
parents dedicated us to prayer as we were born; we started
each day with prayer and the word, and ended each day with
prayer and the word. For many of us, every Sunday we attended
service with our families, and maybe even Saturday, and then
Sunday school as well. We were penetrated with the word of
God, it was instilled into us from a small age and it made a huge
impact into our lives. Though ultimately, it was not our parents
who decided salvation for us, not even our grandparents, but we
ourselves who had to realize that we were sinners, repent and
make the decision to give our lives to Christ. For many others
out there, they were not blessed to hear and to see the word
like we were. There are so many teenagers, adults, and children
who do not know why we celebrate Christmas, or Easter and
how important those things are to us. They never heard, and
they maybe never knew. It is our job as ambassadors of the
word, to speak the truth and let them know the good news. Do
not be afraid to share the gospel with your friends, coworkers,
with people around you. You will be surprised to see how many
don’t know. Blessed will they be if they hear, but how will they
know if we never speak, how will they see if we never show?
Shine your light and speak out, for the good news was meant for
all, and Christ wishes for all to come to salvation.

Y O U T H  S C C  M E M B E R