Unfortunately, some are led to believe that heaven will be run like a Communist country.

In fact, dear friend, that “someone” is probably you. “Why, I would never!” I hear you object.

Then allow me to ask you a question: Do you think that God is going to distribute cookie-cutter houses to every Christian, regardless of their labor here on earth?

A question to the Differential Equations student…

Is 10 > 5?

Then why would you ever think that in heaven there will be no difference between the man who received 10 cities and the one who received 5? (Luke 19)

And you, precious theologian, do you think that Paul was joking when he warned Christians to make sure their work was not “burned up” in 1 Cor. 3?

If their reward in heaven was the same as the reward of those whose work withstood the test of fire, why the concern?

Here’s the bottom line.

Salvation is a gift from God. Don’t ever try earning it. Heavenly rewards are also gifts from God. These, by the grace of God, must be earned.

Read Romans 4:10 then turn to Revelation 22:12, get off your comfortable extremity, and join choir. (Or one of the 15 worship teams, a cell group, the iGather team, the orchestra, the Sunday School team, prayer service, Bible School, Bible College. You get the point.)

– Brother in Christ