1 P E T E R 3 : 1 5

“…ALWAYS BE PREPARED TO GIVE AN ANSWER TO EVERYONE WHO ASKS YOU TO GIVE THE REASON FOR THE HOPE THAT YOU HAVE. BUT DO THIS WITH GENTLENESS AND RESPECT.”We must always be ready to stand up for our faith and give an account to those who are searching to know about Jesus Christ.

If our faith is not constantly being rooted deep into God’s word, when put to the test, we will not have answers, and we won’t have any assurance in what we believe in.

When you are continuously being enriched by the word of God, diving deep into scripture and searching for Christ, your roots will go down deep and your faith will stand sure on a strong foundation.

How do we expect to stand up for something we believe in, if we know nothing about it!

If our hearts aren’t looking to be in God’s presence, if our mind is always wandering from the truth, if we would rather be somewhere else than be in service, what kind of faith are we representing? We say we believe, but we don’t know in what; we say that this is the truth, yet we are not even sure; we say faith is the root yet if we look closer they are shriveling from lack of support. With no nutrients, with no water and sunlight, a plant will surely die if not being watched over and worked upon. Let us examine your faith and foundation today, is there anything we are lacking? Is the concrete starting to crack? Then reinforce it!

Study upon on the life-giving bread, so that it seeps into your bones and pierces through your marrow and streams through your very blood.