“… Who say in your heart,
‘Who will bring me down to earth?’
Though you build high like the eagle,
Though you set your nest among the stars,
From there I will bring you down,”
Declares the Lord.
Obadiah 1:3-4

In our lives, many things we will go through.
Throughout our days, success and failure will breakthrough.
But with every raise, every blessing,
We must remember always:
That out of dust, God made us.
Out of nothing, He made us worth more than anything.
We deserve no vindication,
Yet, we received absolute redemption, complete perfection.
Though we are worthless,
He made us worthy
Though we are surely unworthy.

Let our hearts not turn to pride when we succeed. When good comes
our way we must remember that only God alone is good. None of our
work is from our own hands, or from our own strength. Everything is
accredited to God almighty. It is God who gave our feet, our hands
and speech. He alone is worthy to be glorified, honored, and praised.

“Who has given to me that I should repay Him?
Whatever in under the whole heaven is Mine.”
Job 41:12

SCC Youth Member