An excerpt from the Talmud…
A Syrian king in control of Palestine one day requested the Jewish Highpriest
to relate to him the wondrous powers of his God, and then remarked:
“I honor your God, because I am told that He is great and mighty, but as He
has allowed me to vanquish His people I believe that my power altogether
cannot be deficient, and therefore I deserve honor as well. Therefore, I will
make a great feast and will be expecting Him to be my guest. I hope you will
not fail to attend to my commands, otherwise, I will hold you and your people
responsible for the consequences.” The priest was given no chance to reply
so his only hope was to offer up a fervent prayer for his people.
The next day, a great preparation was made in the palace garden adjacent
to the seashore where numberless tents, tables, chairs and other accessories
had been arranged with all the possible viands and luxuries. When all was
prepared, the king informed the priest that his guests and he were ready
to receive his God as their guest, yet the high priest, who was occupied in
deep prayer, made no reply. But amidst all the splendid decorations made
brilliant by the rays of sunshine, there arose a slight yet sudden breeze of
wind. In not time, the steady breeze became a violent wind which tore off all
the decorations and blew all the tables, tents, and chairs clear into the sea.
The king trembling in voice inquired the priest what this was all about. The
High-priest answered, “My God is approaching; His servant, the wind, has just
arrived in order to clear the place for his Almighty Master.” The king grew
pale and fearing for his life and that of his guests replied: “Never mind. Your
God need not to come, for if the power of the servant is so great, what must
be that of the Master?”
Have you ever wondered how great your God is?
Job speaks plenty of such “servants” of God as the wind, rain, lighting,
thunder, etc.
If these mighty forces of nature are in God’s absolute control, should not we
rest assured that God will take care of our lives?
Let’s put our trust upon our Almighty Master.

David Babin