“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Proverbs 4:23
Once a week my family has to put our trash can out along the street for pick up. We know it’s necessary, otherwise garbage would build up in the house. No one would point out to us that we are bad homeowners if we leave trash around the house. However, we definitely wouldn’t be good homeowners if we don’t clean our home and don’t throw away trash. How much more important it is to clean out our heart, and revise our life.
Throughout our life, we sometimes develop bad habits, get into harmful relationships or just develop a negative lifestyle. If those things accumulate in our life, it can break us down from the inside. Every time, we have the choice of how to deal with it – hide it, or fight with it. In the Bible, we can see that some kings followed the sins of previous kings or their fathers, but some of them did the necessary revising, and threw away the impurity from their lives.
We are often ashamed to even admit that we have something wrong in our life. The shame can also often lead us to hide what is wrong, and accept it as normal. On the other hand, we can reject it, change our life, and throw away any impurity. The second choice will demand more effort from us. Everyone knows where the garbage in their life is, and we need to be determined to clean it out. For some of us, it is necessary to delete an account on social media, for some, to change who we spend our time with, and so on. I would like to encourage each of us to revise our lives and throw away any garbage.

Vitalii Niemiets