It takes time for a flower to grow. It starts of as a tiny seed, but that
seed has great potential. If you plant it in the right soil, if you tend to
it and look after it, water it and put time into it, it will grow into
something quite amazing and beautiful. Some people never live to
see the harvest, some people aren’t patient enough to get through
the cold months, and they give up. You might have a ministry that
you’ve been putting time into, a group you’ve been leading, or an
event you’ve been organizing. You started off with almost nothing,
maybe this seed was put into your hand or passed down from
someone, but you started to work on it. You took your own time into
it, prepared and worked hard, but now the winter is coming and the
flower is starting to die, and it’s getting much harder to keep
working on it. Today may you be encouraged to keep going and
keep sowing, for the harvest for all your work is not far away, but
you must get past these hard times. If you’ve been leading a cell
groups, keep leading! May God keep supplying His wisdom and word
to you, may the Holy Spirit fill you with a new energy and motivation.
If you’ve been leading a worship group, singing, playing an
instrument for the Lord, your work is not in vain! You may be feeling
burnt out, like you can’t write another sermon, like you have no
inspiration to speak or keep coming every single Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, even Friday, though man may not see your
hard work, people may look past the hours and effort you put into
something, but God sees it all. He sees you diligently working for His
kingdom and He smiles down at you; let Him encourage you today to
keep going. Your cell group will grow, your word is touching people’s
hearts, God is being glorified through the worship, because the Holy
Spirit is at work, and our God is never at rest. This flower will bloom
into a beautiful harvest, and your offering will please the Lord
greatly. Let Him be glorified in what you do.