When reading Song of Solomon chapter two, it’s titled the bride’s
adoration. From verses eight through seventeen the bride speaks of
the bridegroom. She describes her love for the bridegroom, she
speaks of how she waits for him and is anticipating his coming.
When reading Revelation chapter twenty-two, it testifies of these
words. There it says, “Yes, I am coming quickly.” But, the question
is, do we testify these words? We as the bride of Christ, do we
anticipate His coming? Are we a bride that trembles in fear when
thinking about His return? Perhaps instead we don’t think about
these things at all, and try to ignore it and enjoy our freedom for as
long as we can. Or, are we excited. Are we looking for His coming,
proclaiming: “Yes, come Lord Jesus come”. I wish for all of us to be
like this bride in Song of Solomon, a bride that throughout her life
is showing her adoration to the bridegroom through the time we
have on earth. I wish for us to be a bride anticipating the Lord’s
coming, telling others that He is coming quickly, that surely He is
coming soon. We don’t know the exact day, but all we can do is be
prepared. We can choose to do what we like with our time, whether
that be pursuing things of this world that will bring us no profit,
things like gold and money that will all perish and burn. Or, if we
truly are awaiting His coming, we will not be spending our lives in
waste, or fear, but spending our time devoting it to Christ and
spreading His love for us. There are still people out there that do
not know this news that He is coming quickly, there are still many
that have not had the love of God revealed to them, they only know
an empty life filled with sordid gain. We as His bride have a calling
to fulfill in this world. We can choose to reject it, or we can embrace
His divine will for us. To love the broken, help the needy, and with
our lives give Him all praise and glory. He is the bridegroom, and

we are His bride. Do you await His coming?

– S C C Y O U T H M E M B E R –