For there is no partiality with God.
Romans 2:11

A dirty and poor woman walked into a church. Everyone looked at
her with shame including the pastor. She approached the pastor and
asked him a simple question; what must I do to become a member
of this Church. The pastor looked at her with un wanting eyes. Trying
to get rid of her he said you must go home and read the whole Bible
in one week. Thinking she won’t fulfill the challenge; but the woman
returned in a week and said to the pastor. I have done what you
asked me. The pastors face look aggravated and annoyed by her.
You have one last task he said. You must go home and pray 6 hours
a day until God gives you an answer. So she left but this time she
didn’t return. A couple months later the pastor was walking through
town and ran into this women. The moment was awkward. The
pastor looked at her and asked with hesitation. So did God give you
an answer? She smiled and said yes. He told me don’t worry about
getting into this church. I have been trying for 20 years.

How do you perceive everyone in our youth? Who do you approach
after service? Your friends, family, people who can pay you back or
you esteem high? Youth I challenge you to come up to someone
today you have never met, never talked to, you have never shown
respect to.

Ilya Vasilevskiy