If someone were to describe you, would they describe you as gentle?
Do people remember you for your gentle spirit, loving personality, and
peaceful nature?
As Christians, lights of the world, ambassadors of the faith, we must
exhibit a peace that chaos is drawn to, and a love where anyone is
welcome. We encounter so many people during the day, whether on
our way to work, conversing with classmates, even having small talk
with the cashier at the grocery store. With these encounters, can
people say that we brought a little bit of light in their day, would they
describe our presence as joyful and renewing, or, someone they would
never again want to meet?
Living life, we may never even think about the impact we have on the
many people we pass by, but people remember their bad experiences,
and they also recollect the good ones. Each day we can shed love on a
person without even knowing it, but we can also cast a shadow. This
should not even be something we have to think about our remind
ourselves; our behavior is always being watched. If we truly are
Christians, our lifestyle and demeanor shows that wherever we go. But,
if we have to force ourselves to be kind to others, our true nature will
show in the way we act and converse.
Christ was love, He exhibited love in all His actions, He was kind and
giving, people’s lives were changed by simply talking to Him and being
around Him. When people are around us, they change. They can
change for the better or for the worse. Let us strive to be known for
our gentleness, and let this love that Christ put inside of us change the
people around us. Let us set our eyes upon heaven and open our
arms to the broken hearted. By doing so, we spread the gospel and
the bountiful love of God and point all to the goodness of Christ.

Y O U T H  S C C  M E M B E R