A few years ago I cracked a bone in my wrist. When it happened
I was at school, I fell off the monkey bars. I was in agonizing
pain and all I wanted to do was scream and cry, but I was
embarrassed to. I didn’t want my friends laughing at me and
thinking I was weak. From the surface, it looked like nothing was
wrong and so when I came to the nurse, she said because I was
not crying, it was not broken. I continued with my day and tried
to hide the pain as best as I could. Later, I went to the hospital
and found out there was a crack in the bone, and it became
worse because it wasn’t responded to. Many times we tend to
do the same thing, hide our pain and hiding the cracks
underneath the skin. By doing so we put a mask on the outside.
Physically, our state becomes worse, and the same happens
spiritually. Eventually you can’t hide the symptoms, and you
start limping. Maybe you have a deep pain in your heart that
you’ve been trying to hide, maybe it’s been there for years and
it’s only gotten worse, maybe you are too afraid to bring it to
the light, but deep inside you are dying. I implore you to come
to the light, bring it into the open and let Christ operate on it.
Whatever it may be, there is no pain to big for Him, no wound
too deep. He is the surgeon that can restore your heart, the
good physician that will heal you, and the doctor that can bring
you back to life. Let Him perform surgery on you, whether you
need that emotionally, spiritually, or even physically; our God is
HEALER, and He can bind your wounds and restore them.

Y O U T H  S C C  M E M B E R