Our mission is to reach Slavic youth for Christ by preaching the Gospel to non-believers, teaching believers to
pray and study the Scriptures in order to discover his/her personal gift and lead others to Christ.
NEED: young people downplay their leadership role in the place where God planted them to be an
example, “salt and light” for everyone around.
ANSWER: Young people need to be encouraged to live the holy, pure life because EVERY
CHRISTIAN is a leader, if not nominated officially, then called by God to “informally” and naturally lead
others to Christ.
LENGTH: 5-6 weeks (February/March 2017). EACH TOPIC: 25-35 minutes
PLAN: (1) preach 5 lessons on the passage from 1-Tim. 4:12; (2) hold a follow-up forum; (3) schedule
a split brothers/sisters talk; (4) focus prayer services on the theme of “being an example”.

COMPARE 1-Tim 4:12


Let no one look down on your
youthfulness, but rather in
1. Speech
2. Conduct
3. Love
4. Faith
5. Purity
show yourself an example of
those who believe.

Easy English

You are still young. But let
nobody think that they know
better than you because of
that. Be an example to the
people who believe Christ. Be
an example because of:
1. What you say
2. What you do
3. How you love people
4. How you believe God
5. How you always do
only what is right

New Russian

Не позволяй никому
смотреть на тебя с
пренебрежением из-за твоей
молодости. Будь для верных
примером в
1. Словах
2. Жизни
3. Любви
4. Вере
5. Чистот