“You are of God, little children,
and have overcome them, because
He who is in you is greater than he
who is in the world.”
1 John 4:4

Reading Revelations 20:1-3 we are shown a vision by the same
John who wrote 1 John 4:4 of an angel who came down and
chained and locked up that slimy old devil. What struck me is
that lucifer was the strongest, most beautiful, and most wise
of the angels. And this angel wasn’t Michael or Gabriel the
archangels. It is just an ordinary angel. In this picture the devil
is not more mighty or even stronger than this ordinary angel. It
dawned on me that when we are in Gods will; no one, not even
the mightiest angel will overpower us. What joy and mercy is it
to know that not only God has our backs but He fights for His

The question I ask you is, are you Gods Child? Do you have that
blessed assurance and know 100% that God Has your back?
I didn’t say 99% because that is not good enough. If not my
brothers and sisters, you will not overcome that evil angel we
call the devil.

Ilya Vasilevskiy