Have you ever tried to do something good, but you got attacked for it? Fear not, for this could be a good sign!

In the book of Ezra, God stirs the heart of king Cyrus to rebuild the temple of God. He supplies any material needed and gives his permission to fulfill this task. Once the building of the temple beings, the adversaries and enemies of Judah and Benjamin do all that is in their power to stop the work of God. They send a letter to the king and explain that Jerusalem is a rebellious nation that will bring ruin to the king if the temple is built, that they won’t pay taxes and will dishonor the king. So the king sends out a decree that forbids any construction to happen.

When we try to do the will of God, there will always be opposition. The devil does not want you to fulfill the work of God’s hand, he will do everything in his power to put an end to whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish. He will build up walls to distract you from what you’re doing, he will send arrows and armies against you to break you down and hurt you because he does not want you to prevail. Whenever we encounter such situations, it is vital not to give up, otherwise the devil will reign victorious. We must remember that God is on our side, and He will supply you with strength and endurance if you are doing His will.

In the end, Christ is victorious, the Jews did not give up, and the temple was completed. God’s prophecy was fulfilled and His word remains faithful and true. We should not fear to do the work of God, we should not fear any opposing sides of the enemy, for an all powerful and almighty God is for us!

“What then shall we say to these things, If God is for us, who is against us?” Romans 8:31

SCC Youth Member